KUA.net Stops Anna Virus

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KISSIMMEE, Fla., February 14, 2:15 pm — Thanks to KUA.net’s new real-time virus scanning program, 170 customers of the internet provider were spared the new Anna virus.

The virus, posing as a photo of Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova, spread aggressively on Monday. KUA.net’s virus tracking system protected 151 users on Monday, 12 on Tuesday, and a handful today. Also known as VBS/SST, the virus initially poses as an attachment — AnnaKournikova.jpg.vbs — included in a message with one of three similar subject lines: “Here you are ;-),” “here you have ;o)” and “here you go ;-).”

If the attachment is opened, the virus will infect a computer’s hard drive. Although it appears to be non-destructive, the virus will send itself in an e-mail to the entire address book. A code in the virus indicates that if it infects a computer on January 26 of any year, it will redirect people to a Web site in the Netherlands.

KUA.net is the first and only internet service provider in Florida to provide real-time virus scanning on all inbound and outbound e-mail.

KUA.net’s technical support personnel are available 24 hours a day to answer member questions about the virus: (407) 933-7777 (Osceola county), (407) 523-SURF (Orange & Seminole counties) or toll free statewide at (877) 582-7700.

KUA is Florida‘s 7th largest municipally-owned utility serving 53,000 electric, water and Internet customers in four Central Florida counties. KUA celebrates its 100th year of serving the community in 2001.

Contact: Chris Gent, Manager of Communications
(407) 933-7777 ext. 1116
[email protected]