FRCC Rescinds Capacity Alert; Issues Advisory

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KISSIMMEE, Fla., September 7, 12:15 p.m. – The Florida Reliability Coordinating Council (FRCC) today rescinded its statewide Generating Capacity Alert and issued a Generating Capacity Advisory.

Although considerable uncertainty still exists on a timeline for resumption of normal natural gas production, current production levels appear to have stabilized.

The FRCC is continuing its call for public appeals for conservation of electricity. Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA) has joined other Florida utilities in supporting FRCC’s appeal.

Customers are encouraged to eliminate all non-essential electric use until further notice. Simple conservation measures will greatly help extend the effectiveness of available supplies. KUA offers the following energy-saving tips:

* Adjust thermostat settings for air conditioning to 80 degrees or higher, if health permits. Keep temperature readings constant until notified that the fuel shortage has passed.
* Close curtains and blinds to help insulate homes and buildings against cooling loss.
* Avoid using room air conditioners; turn them off when you leave the room or home.
* Reduce use of all non-essential electric appliances. Run your dishwasher and wash and dry your laundry later in the evening.
* Turn off all non-essential lighting and electric appliances, such as pool pumps.
* When possible, use your microwave or countertop appliances for cooking instead of the oven or stove.

For additional energy conservation tips, customers can visit the utility’s Web site at

Founded in 1901, KUA ( is Florida’s sixth largest community-owned utility providing electric and telecommunication services to 170,000 residents in five Central Florida counties.

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