Spring Forward With These 5 Conservation Tips

It’s almost time for Daylight Saving where we “spring forward” and set our clocks ahead one hour. As the warmer weather settles in, consider these 5 conservation tips to prepare you for summer:

  1. Make Your Windows Sparkle: Spring cleaning is a good time to think about washing your windows inside and out, which will maximize the sunlight your home gets.
  2. Adjust your Ceiling Fans: Did you know ceiling fans can help reduce your energy use in both the summer (drawing the warm air upward) and winter (pushing warm air down)? Adjusting your clock for daylight savings time can be a good reminder to reverse the direction of the fan blades to get you ready for summer.
  3. Increase energy efficiency: Consider increasing your home’s efficiency to reduce your energy costs. For example, switching from incandescent light bulbs to LEDs will have your lamps and light fixtures pulling a fraction of the energy without compromising light quality. 
  4. Continue to replace air filters regularly: If filter fibers clog up, air flow is minimized. Replacing your air filters will keep you’re A/C unit running at maximum efficiency. Change your air filters to reduce energy waste and help your HVAC run more efficiently.
  5. Schedule a free home energy audit: As a reminder, KUA offers free online and in person energy audits. Now’s a good time to prepare your home before summer. For more information on free home energy audits, visit us at https://kua.com/energy-conservation-and-renewables/home-energy-audit/.

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