National Good Neighbor Day

Today is National Good Neighbor Day – a day created to recognize the importance of good neighbors in our communities. One way you can participate is to consider a donation to Kissimmee Utility Authority’s Good Neighbor Utility Assistance Fund. The fund is a voluntary customer contributory program that helps KUA customers experiencing financial difficulty pay their electric bills in emergency situations.


KUA matches funds dollar for dollar, so every dollar you contribute, $2 goes to help your neighbors – doubling the impact of your generosity.


To donate, visit the Good Neighbor Fund page on our website, download the pledge card, sign it and return it with your bill payment. The amount of donation you select on the pledge card will be added as a line item to your utility bill beginning the following month. In addition, you can donate by credit card. Simply click the “Donate” button on our Good Neighbor Fund page to complete the transaction.


Finally, you can also enroll in our Kissimmee Round-Up program. Launched by KUA in 2013, the program gathers voluntary contributions from participating customers by “rounding up” their monthly bills to the next dollar. For example, a customer’s bill of $110.73 would be automatically rounded up to $111.00, with the additional 27 cents going to the Good Neighbor Fund.


No matter how you contribute your donation is tax-deductible and KUA will provide you with a record of your previous year’s donation the first of each year.