5 Ways to Have a Romantic & Energy-Efficient Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here—have you made plans? Whether you’re staying home to cook dinner for that special someone or going out for a romantic experience, consider energy-efficiency this Valentine’s Day.

Fall in love with these cost-saving tips:

1. Choose an Energy-Efficient Dinner

If you plan to cook, remember our energy saving cooking tips. Use a slow cooker when possible, which uses less energy than the stovetop. Also be sure to cook with the right size pan for the amount of food you’re cooking to avoid wasting energy.

When dinner wraps up, use a dishwasher instead of handwashing. The dishwasher uses less water than hand-washing dishes. This gives you more time with your Valentine and less time needed for cleanup.

2. Turn Off Electronics

If you’re heading out for the night, remember to turn off all electronics that are plugged in. These devices still use energy even when turned off.

3. Let the Leftovers Cool Down

At the end of date night, you may have some leftovers from dinner. Be sure to let them cool down for a little before putting them hot in the refrigerator right away. This prevents the food from heating up the refrigerator and causing it to work over time.

4. Use Fewer Lights or Break Out the Candles

Create a romantic setting by lowering the lights with a light dimmer, or just keep one light on. This will keeps energy costs for the night low.

5. Give an Energy-Efficient Appliance

Thinking about housework might not seem very romantic, but if an outdated appliance has been a source of stress for you and your significant other, they will appreciate a gift that makes their life easier. Using an ENERGY STAR® rated appliance will also help you save on your utility bills.

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