5 Freezer Tips for National Frozen Food Month

March is National Frozen food month. KUA offers these 5 tips to maintain freezer efficiency when stocking up on your favorite foods:

  1. Pack your freezer full of stuff. When your freezer is packed, it keeps the cold air in. That means your freezer works less and uses less electricity.
  2. Keep the doors closed. Every time you open and close the door to grab food, the cold air escapes making your freezer work harder to keep cool. However, leaving the door open for a longer period of time while you take out items is more efficient than opening and closing several times.
  3. Maintain the temperature. The recommended temperature is 0° F. Be sure to check temperatures periodically.
  4. Regularly defrost manual-defrost freezers and refrigerators. Frost buildup decreases the energy efficiency of the unit. Don’t allow frost to build up more than one-quarter of an inch.
  5. Turn off unused freezers. If you have a second freezer that is hardly used, turn it off. A second fridge costs $15 a month to operate.

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